Supply Chain & Logistics Management

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

28-29 April 2020, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

22-23 June 2020, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia

Supply Chain & Logistics Management

About The Trainer:

Jude Selvaraj Joseph’s diverse background and versatility in training both youth and adult learners enables him to tap on an abundance of experiences in sharing, connecting and engaging with individuals.

He is an International Dynamic Speaker, Certified Corporate Trainer and Entrepreneur. He has acclaimed a lot of goodwill and accolades in the fields of education and corporate trainings both locally and internationally by his High Impact Sessions.

Jude belongs to the new era of trainers in excellence.

  • Master Trainer in Learning & Development from the prestigious European International University, Paris;
  • Accredited Trainer from ACM International Academy (AIA), UK for ISO 17024:2012 Professional Programs;
  • Certified Trainer from Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad (PSMB), Malaysia;
  • Certified Trainer (Associate) in Training and Development from the Cambridge Association of Managers, United Kingdom;
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy Association & The American Board of NLP
  • Certified Practitioner of Time Line Therapy, Time Line Therapy Association & The American Board of NLP
  • Certified NLP Coach, Time Line Therapy Association & The American Board of NLP
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport Malaysia (MCILT) and
  • Member of the Institute of Quality Malaysia (IQM)

Jude has a double Masters in Business Administration (MBA). One from AsiaeUniversity, Malaysia majoring in Human Resource Management and the other from University of The West of Scotland, United Kingdom majoring in Logistics & Supply Chain Management. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) majoring in Human Resource Management and specializing in Emotional Intelligence. He also possesses wealth of experience in Administration, Human Resources, Hospitality, Logistics and Supply Chain (to name a few).

Over the last 25 years, Jude has worked with several organisations namely The Asian Institute of Chartered Bankers (formerly known as Institute of Bankers, Malaysia), Perak Branch, Kolej Syuen, Ipoh and Scania – Southeast Asia, Shah Alam holding senior positions in the areas of education, coaching, training and development, hospitality, logistics, supply chain, warehousing etc. whilst pursuing his passion in training and development.

Today, Jude teaches and trains a wide range of areas both locally and overseas. Some of the countries he has covered include Bangkok, Brunei, Qatar, Papua New Guinea (to name a few).

Who Should Attend?

  • All Managers and Executives who have access to decision making in activities pertaining to global import & export.
  • All Practitioners and Entrepreneurs involved in global sourcing, demand and supply
  • All Service Providers in the global trade network who wish to develop value-added customer fulfilment.


This is an interactive training programme. Participants are expected to share their experiences in their respective businesses by active participation throughout all parts of this training programme. Participants will be divided into various teams for discussions, group assignments and case studies. They will be exposed to the different ideas, orientation and practices existent within the industry. A training manual will be provided to complement the development of the course by assisting participants to structure the main knowledge and competencies to be acquired.

Supply Chain & Logistics Management:

This program introduces you to the world of logistics and supply chain management both at a local and global scene. With the emerging evolvement in technology, logistics and supply chain management can no longer be practiced in the conventional manner. One may need to think locally but act globally.

Benefits of Attending:

Upon completion of this Effective Purchasing Negotiation programme, you will be able to:

  • Apply fundamental principles in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Use the tools and techniques for better Logistics and Supply Chain activities and management
  • Appreciate and understand the orientation, antecedents and consequences applied in Supply Chain Management
  • Learn the process involved in Carriage of Goods by Air, Land, Rail and Sea
  • Understanding on International Trade and Procedures.

Course Modules:

Module 1: Definitions of Business Logistics

  • Understanding the supply chain concept
  • The impact on globalization and liberalization
  • An overview and insight of a firm activity mix

Module 2: Logistics / Supply Chain within the Company

  • The two business logistics interfaces
  • The principle activities of a company
  • The four types of value creation

Module 3: Logistics / Supply Chain Strategy

  • Flow of logistics planning
  • Triangle of logistics decision making
  • Strategic Tactical and Operational areas

Module 4: Logistics / Supply Chain Customer Service

  • The logistics definition
  • The logistics elements
  • The logistics measurement

Module 5: Logistics / Supply Chain Organization

  • Types of organization
  • Structure for supply chain
  • Triangle of outsourcing relationship

Module 6: Logistics / Supply Chain Control

  • Defining the control process
  • Types of control systems
  • Types of control practices

Module 7: Understand the Supply Chain Management

  • SCM Orientation
  • SCM Antecedents
  • SCM Consequences

Module 8: Carriage a Goods by Air, Land, Rail and Sea

  • Intervening parties and documentation
  • Understanding the Bill of Lading
  • Understanding of Bank Guarantees

Group Assignments

Case Studies

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