World Class Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Excellence – Dubai

World Class Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Excellence

10-14 March 2019, Dubai – United Arab Emirates


World Class Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Excellence:

This intensive workshop covers all aspects of World-Class Preventive/Predictive Maintenance (PPM) and Condition Based Monitoring. It is designed to benefit every level Maintenance Personnel, providing the most modern facts and procedures on the maintenance technology that is reforming the way our industry operates. It defines the importance of PPM in a “First Class Maintenance” environment.

Why You Ought To Attend This Workshop?

World Class Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Excellence course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM). It will cover the various methods of maintenance and it will give the participant an introduction to the techniques utilized in Condition Based Monitoring such as Vibration Measurement, Infrared Thermography, Oil Particle Analysis, Shaft Alignment and Balancing, Partial discharge.

Our promise for these programs is that your staff will have a new and deeper understanding of how to effectively manage maintenance. With this understanding will come increased ability to manage the activity of the training.

Benefits of Attending:

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Apply systematic procedures on preventive and predictive maintenance including condition based monitoring (CBM)
  • Identify the world-class aspects of maintenance today through the various types of maintenance including framework for maintenance excellence, philosophy, principles, work environment, equipment, information systems, maintenance strategy and productive maintenance.
  • Recognize the nature of failures covering the types of equipment, classifications, patterns, failure analysis and root cause
  • Employ maintenance methods and goals setting as well as breakdown maintenance and troubleshooting techniques covering machinery troubleshooting, pumps, centrifugal compressors, blowers, fans, reciprocating compressors, engines, gas turbines and root cause failure analysis (RCFA).
  • Review and develop preventive maintenance for lubrication including its storage, handling and oil analysis methodology

Who Should Attend?

This course covers systematic techniques in maintenance and reliability management to assist maintenance management team in delivering maximum reliability and availability of equipment at the lowest possible cost.

The course will present techniques designed to improve the effectiveness of maintenance management activities, to ensure that physical assets perform their required functions, operate reliably, and support corporate goals. It is essential for all maintenance and reliability management staff.

About The Trainer:

Mr. Jehad is both a certified and professional tutor and a consultant/trainer. From 1997 to 2008 he was responsible for professional training and development at Saudi Electric Company (SEC) and was the focal point for all professional and technical matters within the Institute and in the exchange of ideas and issues with other stakeholders. Jehad is a Fellow engineer of the JEA. As Technical trainer and consultant, Jehad has developed a number of training courses, including ‘Maintenance planning and scheduling, ‘Root cause analysis’, and others.

Jehad has been involved in maintenance and troubleshooting for over 25 years and has developed expertise in a number of areas, particularly technical, management , safety training.
Jehad has been personally responsible for introducing quality training into many companies in KSA and Gulf, to meet recognized international standards such as ANSI, IEC, IEEE, OSHA, Nebosh. Jehad is also an experienced and qualified trainer.

Following a successful career, holding training positions for several prominent organizations (SEC and SABIC), Jehad started his own training and consultancy business in 2008. Since then, Jehad has facilitated a variety of training courses, and provided consultancy, business improvement services for over 20 different organizations, in both the public and private sector.

Jehad is well-known as a very competent trainer. As well as running many in-company training courses for a wide variety of organizations, he has been a designing and delivering training courses since 1997. Jehad is also an experienced business traveler, having carried out consultancy and training assignments in countries throughout KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, the Middle East and Turkey.

World Class Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Excellence Course Modules:

Overview of Plants and Equipment Used

  • Types of Plants Process
    • Power Generation Plant as an Asset , Special Facilities , LNGs
    • Plant Economics a basic Insight
    • Role of Equipment in Process Chain
    • Static Vs Rotating
    • Special purpose Equipment
    • Plant systems , Components Compressors , Gas Turbines ,Fans, Motors , Heat Exchangers , Boilers , HRSG Generators

Introduction to World Class Maintenance
Failures’ Nature
Maintenance Issues for Equipment (General)

  • Life Cycle / Bath Tub Curve
  • Optimizing Operation over Lifetime
  • Optimizing Reliability of plant Equipment
  • Life cycle operating cost , Cost impact calculations
  • Maintenance Cost Key Performance Indicators
  • Key maintenance issues with plant equipment
  • Maintenance Management
  • Maintenance Planning & Scheduling for plant Equipment
  • Maintenance Supervision / Skill Enhancement
  • Working with external vendors versus self-maintenance
  • Types of Maintenance and its Implications

Maintenance methodologies and philosophies

  • Reactive, preventive, predictive and proactive maintenance
  • Preventive maintenance features and benefits
  • Planning preventive maintenance
  • Prioritizing candidates for PM
  • Building credible PM procedures
  • Understanding & developing a PM program
  • Preventive maintenance metrics
  • Setting up preventive maintenance requirements
  • Applying preventive maintenance to plants and equipment

Equipment Condition Monitoring Techniques

  • Test & Inspection ,Inspection Data Gathering
  • Vibration Analysis , Thermal techniques
  • Oil Analysis , Wear Debris Detection
  • Online Monitoring of CBM data
  • Performance Monitoring and Analysis
  • Other methods & Latest Developments

Equipment Fatigue and Failure Modes

  • Causes of Fatigue and failures
  • Failure, Root Cause Failure Analysis Process , Failure Reporting
  • Cause behind the cause

Equipment Maintenance KPIs / Overhauling Work-Scopes

  • Cost per hour of Operation
  • Restoration Work scoping Minimum Cost
  • MTBO , MTBUR , MTTF Considerations
  • Lean Maintenance concepts
  • Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety
  • Impact of special and common cause variation

Reliability Program for Plant Equipment

  • Reliability Programs
  • The RCM Process and Method
  • Forecasting and predicting the failures
    • RCM Programs and Gains
    • Reliability Program elements , Implementation and Control
    • RCM Exercises , Reliability Analysis
    • Understanding a Reliability Program Implementation
    • Performance Measurement and Parameters
    • Monthly Plant Reliability Report
    • Reliability Based Inspections.
    • MRB , RCB and RRB functioning ( base lines )Implementing RCB recommendations.
  • Maintenance Methods & Objective Setting
  • Breakdown Maintenance & Troubleshooting Techniques
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