Delivering Performance in VUCA Environment

Delivering Performance in VUCA Environment

LIVE and INTERACTIVE Online Training

Dates: 15-18 June 2020

10am-12:30pm Malaysian Time (GMT+8)

Delivering Performance in VUCA Environment

About The Trainer:

David Khaw is partnering with organisation leaders to achieve their purposeful objectives, realise sustainable benefits and create meaningful values by aligning to their strategy using project management and coaching skills. He has delivered workshops & coaching sessions related to organisational strategy, change and project management since 2012 to develop competent project managers to deliver a unique quality outcome for organisations. David holds double masters on business administration and project management from the University of Southern Queensland Australia. He also certified Project Management Professional from Project Management Institute (PMI®), US, certified Professional Trainer from International Professional Managers Association, UK, certified Transformative Coach from Coach Masters Academy, Singapore and Neuro-Semantics, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Hypnosis and Time-lines Practitioner by International Society of Neuro-Semantics, US. David is currently co-founder and principal coachsultant of MiNDa Coachsultancy Sdn. Bhd., and also a post-graduate lecturer for several private universities in Malaysia. Before that, he was senior project manager managed capital and organisation change projects for a couple of both local and international multi-national companies. Change and project management are part of his belief to help the organisation to achieve its vision.

David is also a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI®), Project Management Institute Malaysia (PMIMY), International Coach Federation (ICF), International Coach Federation Malaysia Chapter (ICFMY) and Rotary International. As active members, he was PMIMY Director for Giving Back (PMIEF Liaison), PMI Education Foundation (PMIEF) Community Engagement Committee (for Asia-Pacific + Pakistan region), and Youth Director for a Rotary Club. Recently, David being elected as the PMI Malaysia Chapter Secretary. He will participate actively in these communities to advocate the essence of project management and coaching as life skills.

David’s missions are enabling leaders to realise sustainable benefits & create meaningful values using project management & coaching skills.

David focusing on:

  • Organisational Project Management (Project, Programme, Portfolio Management)
  • Organisational Change Management (Organisation and People Change)
  • Organisation Strategy Management
  • Values, Benefits and Sustainability Management
  • Project Management Professional Competency Development

Who Should Attend?

  • Senior Management,
  • Middle Management,
  • Project / Programme Manager and 
  • Supervisors.

Delivering Performance in VUCA Environment:

This 2-days, Delivering Performance in VUCA Environment programme is designed to managers and leaders who required knowledge and skills to deliver performance during a VUCA environment. The key benefit of this programme is to allow the participant to explore a structured method to overcome challenges to meet the performance requirement during the VUCA period. This programme followed the principle and approach based on the Standard of Project Management, Agile Practice Guide and Coaching competencies.

Benefits of Attending:

At the end of the session, the participants should be able to:

  • Understand the Values and Purposes of VUCA Goals,
  • Develop VUCA Goals,
  • Explore Values-Based Strategy,
  • Prioritise Plans and Actions,
  • Execute Actions Agility and Adapting Changes, and
  • Sustain the Performance and Continual Improvement.

Course Modules:

Introducing 21st Century Active Learning

  • What is 21st Century Learning Skills?
  • Exploring the Active Learning Cycle
  • Understand the purpose of Coaching

Discover the Values and Purposes of VUCA Goals

  • What is VUCA?
  • Rediscovering the Meaning behind Visions, Goals and Missions
  • Identifying and Performing VUCA Analysis

Develop the VUCA Goals

  • Being a Leader and Agile in Goal Setting
  • Being Empathy in People Stories
  • Creating a SMART Goal and Meaning behind the Goal
  • Storytelling to Inspire Goals and Vision

Explore Value-Based Strategy

  • What is Goal vs Value?
  • Realising Sustainable Benefits and Creating Meaningful Values
  • Using Strategy Techniques focusing Values
  • Considering Fast-Pace and Small Values

Prioritise Plans and Actions

  • Using the MoSCoW Approach to Prioritise Actions
  • Using Tools and Techniques in Planning
  • Considering Factors in Planning
  • Waterfall or Agile in Action?

Execute Actions Agility and Adapting Changes

  • Being an Action and Change Leader
  • Using Design Thinking for VUCA
  • Using Kanban Board
  • Remaining Vigilant and Adaptive in Changes
  • Leveraging and Collaborating in Performing
  • Daily Stand-up for Team and Group

Sustain the Performance and Continual Improvement

  • Being a Servant Leader in Performance
  • What is the Triple Bottom Line in the Performance?
  • Retrospective and Continuing Improvement


This online classroom is made possible using the Zoom and Mentimeter platform. Zoom’s main features including live video, audio and screen sharing allowing the regular classroom interaction between the trainer and all participants. The learning will be fun and active by combine both Zoom additional features and Mentimeter’s functions in the online classroom activities. The activities including Word-Cloud, non-verbal chat (individual or group), breakout room to split the participants into a smaller discussion group, virtual whiteboard, votes and polls, questions and answers, pop-up survey quizzes and the interactive status. We will adapt health and safety best practices throughout the online classroom to ensure the comfort of all the participants.

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