Advanced Excel Workshop

Advanced Excel Workshop

LIVE and INTERACTIVE Online Training

Dates: 13-16 July 2020
10am-12:30pm Malaysian Time (GMT+8)

This is a very “hands-on” course with significant time spent working on the computer. Each participant should bring their own laptop loaded with Microsoft Excel®

Advanced Excel Workshop

About The Trainer:

Daniel Feiman, MBA, CMC©, Consultant, Trainer, Author, Reviewer.

Mr. Feiman is the Founder and Managing Director of a consulting & training firm based in Redondo Beach, CA, USA. He consults in three areas: Strategy: Planning, Implementation & Succession; Finance: Modeling & Analysis; Process: Continuous Process Improvement.

Mr. Feiman is an internationally recognized leader in these areas; working with firms such as ADNOC (United Arab Emirates), American Management Association (AMA); Apple, ARAMCO (Saudi Arabia), California Institute of International Business & Economics, Credit Suisse, Hilton Hotels, Institute for Supply Management (ISM), Mattel, PEMEX (México), PDO, (Oman), Promigas (Colombia) Reliance (India), TRW, UEM (Malaysia) & the University of Manchester (UK) among others.

He has published whitepapers, articles, SlideShare presentations (27,000+ views), YouTube videos (6,000+ views) & books on these subjects. His 3rd book in the Build It Backwards series (THE Book on Business from A to Z: The 260 Answers You Need to Know), was nominated for a Thought Leader of the Year award by the AM&AA & selected as a Finalist for a Global eBook of the Year Award.

He is adjunct faculty at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension Department (since 1990) and was formerly The Visiting Professor in the University of Huddersfield’s (UK) Business School.

Mr. Feiman has over 18 years’ experience in all facets of both the traditional & nontraditional banking industry. He has been interviewed on various television and radio shows. He is also a reviewer for the New York Journal of Books (
He has been awarded the CMC© designation by Institute of Management Consultants which is awarded to less than 1% of management consultants.

Who Should Attend?

  • All professionals & leaders who want to understand data analysis
  • Everyone who is interested in developing better reporting
  • Financial analysts
  • Strategic planners
  • Accountants
  • Financial professionals
  • Statisticians
  • Internal Auditors
  • Human Resources
  • IT

Advanced Excel Workshop:

Our “hands-on” advanced Excel Workshop focuses on answering your questions about how to use Excel beyond the everyday tools. From predictive to statistical to analytical tools (including some just added by Microsoft in March!), we cover the entire range of what is important to take your existing Excel© skills to the top level.

We teach you how to use these advanced tools & techniques with the provided Excel workbook templates.

The delegates are encouraged to use their own laptops pre-loaded with the latest version of Excel© so they can work through the provided templates & save their work.

This is a very “hands-on” course with significant time spent working on the computer. Each participant should bring their own laptop loaded with Microsoft Excel®

Benefits of Attending:

At the end of this Advanced Excel Workshop  session, the participants should be able to:

  • Find and use advanced functions
  • Combine functions to work around some Excel limitations
  • Have fun with excel formula and functions
  • Identify errors and fix them
  • Use Excel for numerical computation
  • Understand lookup, logical, reference and data relationships
  • Prepare data analytical reports
  • Getting into the groove of statistical analysis
  • Be your crystal ball – learn predictive techniques

Course Modules:

Session 1 – A quick review of the function fundamentals

  • Module 1: How to Measure Management Performance
  • Balance sheet analysis—DuPont formula, ROI, ROA, ROE
  • Evaluating profit margins, asset turnover (efficiency) and leverage
  • Income statement analysis—Gross profit, Operating profit, EPS, ROS, etc.
  • Past performance and project outcomes
  • Benchmarking company performance

Module 2: How to Use Cash Flow Analysis

  • Introducing formulas and the formula ribbon, copying formulas, and assembling formulas the right way
  • Using Functions in formulas
  • CAPEX Functions: NPV, IRR, MIRR, PI
  • Time and Date Functions
  • Saving time with the functions tool
  • Using arrays in formulas

Fixing errors in formulas:

  • Getting parentheses to match & in pairs
  • Circular references to correct errors
  • Formula Auditing
  • Spreadsheet error trapping (IFERROR)

Session 2 – Speed your computations

  • Using math functions
  • Summing, rounding and truncating values
  • Using and removing signs from numbers
  • Multiplying multiple numbers
  • Formatting numbers
  • Calculating loan and interest payments
  • 4 build in Depreciation methods

Analytical Tools:

  • Ratios & the range of options
  • Horizontal and vertical analysis
  • Extracting and filtering data

Session 3 – Lookup, logical, reference and data relationships:

  • Using IF to take a course of action
  • Returning a value with CHOOSE
  • Applying logic with AND, OR, and XOR
  • Finding where values are with HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP & XLOOKUP (new)
  • MATCH and INDEX functions alone & combined
  • Pivot Tables

Data Management:

  • Filters
  • CalculatedFields
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Duplicate and missing data
  • Summarize

Sessions 4 – Statistical Analysis:

  • Testing central tendencies with AVERAGE, MEDIAN AND MODE
  • Comparing data sets
  • Analyzing data with PERCENTILE & BINS
  • Combine IF, MIN, RANK & MAX for powerful analysis


  • What if analysis
  • Scenariomanager
  • Goal Seek
  • Data tables
  • Solver
  • Trend, Forecasting, Growth
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