Nash Business Solutions Sdn Bhd is a business information company that provides a variety of world class strategic business services and information in the form of trainings, conferences, corporate hospitality, sports and entertainment to improve our client’s strategic and effective decision-making.

We deliver these services around the world to assist organizations in developing their strategies and enable growth to improve business performance. As we understand the needs of our clients, we aim and commit to meet all of our client’s strategic business information requirements through the delivery of unrivalled services in with both public and private authorities around the world.

We develop major sector-focused trainings that enable our clients to develop and extend their business network across a variety of industries and professions. We also consider innovation to be vital, therefore our services equip our clients with cutting-edge technology skills and methodologies to keep their business abreast of competition.

Nash Business Solutions Sdn Bhd offers variety of training courses in collaboration with the best gurus and practitioners in the field and our participations come from across all 5 continents. These courses are designed with the aim of providing our clients the latest practical tools and techniques crucial to solve business challenges within the organization. We also create a platform  for our clients to gain invaluable experience through benchmarking and networking with their peers on a global scale. For all of our training courses, we target to equipt our clients with the latest emerging trends, innovation practices and future opportunities for their respective industries, both locally and internationally.

What We Do?
Nash Business Solutions Sdn Bhd is set to harness the synergies of various products and services globally to package and offer innovative and efficient solutions to its various customers at highly competitive pricing.

We work with a wide and varied spectrum of top international experts and trainers who have been proven to be leaders of professional breakthroughs and are willing to share their expertise with those eager to learn.

We do interact through a multiple-level business podium which allows for beneficial business arrangements branching out to various long-term specialty consultancies.

We give our customers a competitive edge with our diverse operational experience and an unrivalled partnership with internationally renowned experts, aligned with global benchmarks and best practices.
Our Corporate Culture
Customer focus
We develop products and services with our customers’ needs in mind. We closely listen to our customers need and make it a responsibility to all staff that our focus is on satisfying them.

We create novel and forward-looking solutions that combines the latest technological trends with our experts’ unmatched domain expertise and deep recognition of our customers.

We take full responsibility for our actions and performance, and for meeting our customers’ needs and partners’ expectations. We discharge the contracts at the fullest by providing more that what is promised.

Professional Integrity
We command direct, honest, transparent and fair business dealings.

We strive to create value for all parties involved in our dealings through an unequivocal commitment to excellence and distinction.

We work together with our employees, partners and customers to meet our business goals.
Our Business Operations Overview
Strong customer orientation and competitively priced services are the foundation of our business and stand at the core of our principle. Our unique selling proposition stems from our customised products and services matching our each client’s business scenario and aligning to its specific needs. The sectors we serve include but not limited to the following:

✤ Aviation ✤ Banking & Finance ✤ Commodities ✤ Corporate strategy ✤ FMCG ✤ Healthcare ✤ Health, Safety & Environment ✤ Human Resources ✤ Engineering ✤ IT ✤ Maintenance ✤ Management & Leadership ✤ Manufacturing ✤ Marketing & Sales ✤ Oil & Gas ✤ Purchasing and Supply Chain ✤ Pharmaceutical ✤ Turbines, Boilers, Generators ✤ Customer Service ✤ Telecommunications



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