Stress Management for Productivity Enhancement

7-8 June 2017, Manila – Philippines

Stress Management for Productivity Enhancement

Stress Management for Productivity Enhancement: By popular definition, stress is the adaptation of the body and mind to change. And if change is the only constant, then stress should be a permanent feature of modern living and working environments.

Certain amount of stress is definitely useful as it provides a healthy stimulus going forward, but too much and too long the stress can be both unhealthy as well as an impediment to productivity and achievements.
The current troubled economy has increased the stress level for workers everywhere. “Downsizing”, “budget cuts” and “doing more with less” have become the new mantras in the workplace, and the result is increased fear, uncertainty, and ever higher levels of stress. It is common nowadays to see more and more stress related illnesses.

Since job and workplace stress grow in times of economic crisis, it’s important to learn new and better ways of coping with and managing the pressure. The ability to manage stress can be the critical factor towards enhancing our productivity.

However it is a fact that different people react to different and sometimes even the same situations in vastly different ways. Some people are perpetually stressed while others appear to be the paragon of calm. Is this due to their emotional maturity, coping mechanisms – both conscious and unconscious, personality, etc.?

Stress Management for Productivity Enhancement program attempts to dissect the main components of stress and explore the many and varied ways to manage and combat stress. We shall also explore why certain people are more “successful” in managing stress situations than others.

Benefits of Attending:

By the end of Stress Management for Productivity Enhancement training, the participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the definition(s) of stress
  • Identify the common stressors in their life
  • Explain the connection between stress and productivity
  • Choose the appropriate strategies to manage their own unique situations
  • Practice relaxation techniques
  • Build powerful thoughts and behavior patterns to combat stress
  • Build up emotional resilience
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