Root Cause Analysis for Internal Auditors

Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for Internal Auditors

15-16 July 2018, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Root Cause Analysis for Internal Auditors

Who Should Attend This Course?

The course is relevant to all internal audit professionals or those involved in developing and assessing internal audit strategy, programmes and plans. It is useful to those seeking to integrate ‘root cause analysis’ into their testing and delivery approach in order to add value and provide insight. Attendees who would benefit from the course include:

  • Chief Audit Executives, Senior Auditors and Auditors.
  • Audit Committee Members; and
  • Directors and Senior Managers involved in compliance activities

RCA for Internal Auditors: Delivering ‘value added’ internal audits and assurance is vital to remaining relevant within the business. This training event captures and presents a wide range of ‘leading practices’ to establish root cause analysis for application by forward thinking internal audit functions.

This seminar utilises case studies to enable participants to understand how ‘root cause analysis‘ can shape real business situations. You be given the opportunity to benefit from evaluation tools, techniques and related documents. You will be given the chance to apply the tools and examine how they can be tailored to your organisation’s way of working. The approaches you will learn can be used after the event to add value to your current processes and enhance the way in which the internal audit function operates.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Become fully conversant with the appropriate International Professional Practices Framework (IPPF) Standards which connect root cause analysis to the role and function of internal audit.
  • Rationalise why and how root cause analysis can be harnessed to augment audit coverage and improve reports by adding deeper analysis and value to audit findings and identified areas for improvement.
  • Establish the key areas of the business where RCA will bring greater insight. You will be able to understand the language and significance of root cause analysis as part of your wider tool box.
  • Utilise RCA to support management improve risk identification and associated controls. Application of root cause analysis metrics to gage success and establish confidence and credibility.
  • Apply RCA principles, techniques, competencies, tools and models within your audit strategies and methodology.
  • Consider the value and significance of developing comprehensive process profile worksheets as a part of the end to end approach to root cause analysis. Identify the critical documentation and analysis required to support effective root cause analysis
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