Project Management Skills for Internal Auditors

Project Management Skills for Internal Auditors

17-18 July 2018, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Project Management Skills For Internal Auditors

Course Modules?

The following modules will be covered in details:

  • Background and History of Project Management concepts and techniques.
  • Introduction to Project Management – The basics
  • Project Management Tools and Techniques
  • The Internal Audit Work Programme and Assignments
  • Oversight of Internal Audit using Project techniques
  • Completion of the Audit Programme and Assignments

Who Should Attend?

The course is relevant to all internal audit professionals or those involved in developing/assessing internal audit strategy, programmes, plans, testing and reporting, including:

  • Chief Audit Executives, Senior Auditors and Auditors
  • Operational Directors and Senior Managers involved in compliance activities
  • Audit Committee Members and the Chair.

Project Management Skills for Internal Auditors course will help de-mystify the project management process and facilitate a smooth planning process which is stress free and focuses on quality. We will be looking at ways to utilise project management techniques to generate and feed forward lasting planning, testing and reporting improvements. This can then feed through into improved stakeholder satisfaction and value added outcomes from audit activities. Delegates will be provided with a range of tools, techniques and ‘leading practices’ widely used to manage and oversee projects. This will include Agile, Waterfall, PRINCE2 and general Project Management Institute Framework principles.

Project Management Skills for Internal Auditors course is designed to help attendees appreciate the end to end requirement of project management in the design, structure, focus, outputs and required outcomes of audit activities. It has been constructed to expand on the core purpose of audit functions. The key theme of the event is to consider the effectiveness and impact of applying project management principles to internal audit and ways of working. Further, the event helps facilitate a look at what stakeholders both want and require from a progressive Audit function.

Benefits of Attending:

  • Identify the most appropriate project management techniques for your business;
  • Review the roles, tools and techniques that support projects;
  • Evaluate the balance and priority between risk, scope, resource and time in projects;
  • Understand the project decision making process and how it relates to internal audit;
  • Identify different methods of managing projects and audits;
  • Plan the audit programme and assignments utilising the most appropriate engagement strategies; and
  • Apply a variety of project management skills throughout the life-cycle of the audit programme and individual assignments. Optimising the staged approach to provide insight and value.
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