Mastering Emotional Intelligence in Doha & Kuala Lumpur

Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Excellence in Leadership

7-8 February 2018, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia
11-12 March 2018, Doha – Qatar

Mastering Emotional Intelligence

Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Excellence in Leadership: Working in complete harmony with various types of individuals in the workplace is NOT always that easy. Your co-workers, bosses and clients surely do have different personalities. In order to manage your emotions when dealing with diverse people, one must have a high level of emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the capability to recognize your behaviour, mood, and impulses, and manage them in a positive way so that you can communicate effectively, empathize with others, cope with stress, overcome tough situations, achieve consensus and avoid conflict or miscommunications. In short, emotional intelligence promotes a healthy, peaceful work environment.

In this Emotional Intelligence Training Programme, employees shall acquire useful skills and enthusiasm to develop good relationships among co-workers/bosses/clients, alleviate stress and boost productivity. This program can help you attain more success in your business career and personal goals.

Benefits of Attending:

By the end of Mastering Emotional Intelligence: Skills for Excellence in Leadership training, the participants will be able to:

  • Develop greater self-awareness and strengthen your leadership
  • Demonstrate the attributes of an emotionally intelligent leader
  • Respond to difficult people by inspiring and fostering respect
  • Build and maintain an emotionally intelligent team

Course Modules:

  • The Basics of Emotional Intelligence
  • The benefits of EQ in the workplace
  • Self-Awareness: The Key to Emotional Intelligence Expanding self-awareness
  • The value of the EQ Competency Model
  • Appraising and interpreting your EQ
  • The Competent Self-Manager
  • Recognizing and affirming your emotions
  • Developing personal authenticity
  • Demonstrating authentic leadership through your actions
  • Leading with Courage
  • Applying EQ best practices
  • Taking control of your negative self-talk
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness: Social Awareness & Relationship Management
  • Reading the emotional landscape
  • Creating a productive team environment
  • Facilitating effective communication
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