Managing Learning & Development Function

22-23 May 2017, Bangkok – Thailand

Managing the Learning & Development Function

Managing Learning & Development Function: Learning and development is often regarded as cost by most organizations and often will be the first to be slashed during economic slowdown. Often Learning or Training Managers act in isolation and fail to link the learning activity as a catalyst for organizational performance.

Managing Learning & Development Function programme will educate Learning Managers on how to manage learning and developments functions and how to link them to organizational performance.

Benefits of Attending:

By the end of Managing Learning & Development Function training, the participants will be able to:

  • Executing learning function as business partner and improving performance through learning.
  • Understand needs assessment methodologies and learning needs identification
  • Able to develop and monitor budgets, and understand staffing and resource deployment
  • Able to conduct job analysis to ensure training is required for the specific job functions
  • Understand competency and linked to learning needs and organizational requirement
  • Conduct evaluation process based on Kirkpatrick model
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