Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

5-6 June 2017, Manila – Philippines

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence: Very often, programs on Emotional Intelligence (EI) tend to put more focus on the results of the outward manifestations when interacting with others. Even though this is an important aspect of EI, it is certainly not the whole picture. Carried to the extremes, we could very well end up with programs heavily laden with techniques and quick fixes for achieving interpersonal excellence or “Emotional Intelligence”.

Ideally EI should start from the inside and slowly emanate outwards. When the inside is tranquil, the outside is stable, peaceful and even beautiful. Conversely when there’s turmoil on the inside, the view on the outside is rarely picturesque.

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence program will explore and even challenge some generally accepted views and assumptions about EI and attempt to create new and finer distinctions about the subject matter that are practical as well as readily applicable.

Benefits of Attending:

By the end of Developing Your Emotional Intelligence training, the participants will be able to:

  • Recognize and identify their emotions accurately
  • Use and regulate their emotions
  • Articulate the link between emotions and performance
  • Manage their relationships with others starting with themselves
  • Enhance their self esteem
  • Apply techniques towards emotional self-control and discipline
  • Interpret the “actual messages” of common negative emotions
  • Practice the concept of forgiveness
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