Airport Privatization

Airport Privatization

2-4 October 2018, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

24-26 October 2018, Singapore

Airport Privatization

Benefits of Attending:

Undertaking and completing the course will enable you to:

  • Understand the benefits, challenges and risks of airport privatization
  • Knowledge of industry best practices in the field of airport privatization
  • Learn about different public-private-partnership models
  • Identify the best privatization route for your airport

Who Should Attend?

Attendees who would benefit from the course include:

  • Airport planners
  • Airport management
  • Civil aviation authority representatives
  • Airport shareholders and financial analysts
  • Government officials
  • University lecturers in aviation
  • Airport consultants

Airport Privatization: As Governments around the world are looking for new ways to finance their infrastructure, airport privatization in form of public-private-partnerships has become increasingly common all over the world. For successful privatization understanding the different options, the time horizon of the concession agreement and possible revenue generation for the privatized entities are crucial.

This interactive Airport Privatization course has been designed to introduce airports and government officials to this important topic and to understand its benefits, challenges and potential pitfalls.

Positive application of critical thinking in the audit process supports compliance with the international standards for professional practice. It enables auditors to be focused on the essential aspects of each audit assignment whilst maintaining a balanced level of professional scepticism toward business risks and management control. Providing informed, insightful and evidence based assurance is key to quality.

Course Modules:

Day 1: Introduction

  • Why privatize?
  • Different public-private-partnership models
  • Chances and challenges of privatization

Day 2: Planning & Implementation

  • Demand Analysis
  • Benefit Analysis
  • Legal and Tender Aspects
  • Case Studies

Day 3: Revenue generation for privatized airports

  • The public-private relationship during the concession period
  • Aviation revenues
  • Non-aviation revenues
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